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June 10, 2021

How to join the Back 4 Blood beta

Back 4 Blood’s alpha test was a success, driving excitement for players around the world for the co-op zombie shooter.

The game that’s heavily inspired by the classic Left 4 Dead series, and even features some of its developers working on it behind the scenes, is finally coming out this October. But before that, there’s another beta to give players a chance to try the game this summer.

In August 2021, Back 4 Blood will return with an open beta for players to enjoy. It will likely include more than the alpha, including, hopefully, a taste of the game’s PvP modes, which fans of Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode are looking forward to hearing more about.

Here’s how to get access to the open beta.

How to play Back 4 Blood beta

Back 4 Blood is having an open beta, starting on Aug. 12 and running until Aug. 16. Before that, there’s an exclusive early access period from Aug. 5 to 9 for players who pre-order the game.

You’ll need to link your platform’s account to a WB Games account to access either beta. You have to sign up and log in on the Back 4 Blood website to learn more.

“Registration is required for access to the Open Beta but does not guarantee entry into the Early Access portion as codes are limited,” Back 4 Blood’s website reads. “Players must have or create a WB Games Account in order to redeem their Open Beta code.”

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